CareTakers Outreach:

The CareTakers films reach their full potential when used in facilitated screenings. In the hands of a prepared facilitator, a screening initiates a learning cycle that allows audiences to watch, reflect and engage with the film and the issues it raises. The role of the facilitator is to guide this process by creating a stimulating environment for open dialogue and personal sharing.

CareTakers has produced a Faciltators' Guide to accompany the first series of 8 films. It can be downloaded at the bottom of this page or on the "downloads" page as a pdf document. It is also available as a hardcopy booklet from the STEPS offices. The facilitator guides for newer films can be downloaded as individual pages in the DOWNLOADS section.

The Facilitators' Guide will provide you with a good introduction to methods of facilitating an effective screening session.

The CareTakers films are particularly useful for awareness-raising around vocational opportunities. Facilitated screenings with young people in primary, secondary and early tertiary education, will expose them to the thinking of people already in the field, and to the diverse sets of jobs that exist in nature conservation and management. It also presents strong role models in real life situations that can open doors of insight for human capital development within the biodiversity sector.

Within the conservation and environmental sector, the films can articulate nuances of the work needing to be done, revealing contexts and background information. This in turn is able to stimulate a positive and proactive attitude during in-service training and professional development. The practical information contained in these documentaries is also of value for up-skilling and retraining of people wanting to enter the field from other backgrounds.

The narrative approach that underpins these productions makes them useful in providing the broader social context of nature conservation. This makes them valuable as a high impact tool for lobbying and advocacy, and communicating with policy and decision makers.

Facilitator Training

CareTakers has developed a 1- day workshop format for training people in film facilitation skills. This training can be offered to organisations who would like to enhance the communication, participatory learning and facilitation skills of their employees who will be using the films and resource materials. The Facilitators Training manual is also available in the downlads section.

Download Facilitator guide PDF (2.49mb)