CareTakers is a documentary film project about South Africa's rich natural heritage, and the dedicated people who care for it. In the face of overwhelming biodiversity loss, habitat degradation, and human-induced climate change, there is a pressing need for clear calls to effective action. These films are intended to educate, advocate and inspire people to become active parts of the solution.

CareTakers is guided by a set of core values and perspectives

  • Biodiversity is fundamental to human well-being
  • Documentary film can bridge the divide between human feeling and scientific logic
  • Open discussion liberates ideas and promotes creative leadership

CareTakers seeks out energetic and enthusiastic people who love the natural world and understand its role in the well-being of people. By capturing the stories, experiences and dreams of these biodiversity champions and using the STEPS methodology of facilitated screenings, CareTakers works to create products that can spark interest and drive discussion about nature, biodiversity and sustainability in a wide range of target audiences.  Its goal is to build broad understanding of nature-based sustainability by articulating the case for biodiversity and developing human capital for creative leadership in the sector. 

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